VNTANA is the leader in Augmented Reality hologram technologies and creates impressive displays for some of the biggest companies out there, including Disney, Pepsi, and Microsoft. Alyssa Julya Smith sits down with co-founder and CEO Ashley Crowder to find out more about their latest technology.

Crowder talks about the company's new hologram concierge technology, which allows consumers to interact with an A.I. hologram and ask questions. The consumer stands in front of the hologram display, and the concierge greets them with a custom message. The hologram can then answer questions based on the services needed.

Crowder also discusses some of the big brands VNTANA has worked with, and how they are helping change the way those brands do business. The holograms allow businesses to engage with their employees as well as consumers. Crowder emphasizes that its technology can help in all industries, including advertising, retail, business communications, sports, automotive, manufacturing and education.

In addition to industry uses, the holograms also allows consumers to interact with holograms of their favorite athlete, celebrity, or product while capturing real-time data on the consumers. Crowder says VNTANA’s mission is to build an ecosystem of high-tech experiential engagement tools for the next generation of displays, experiences, and consumers.