By Chloe Aiello

Cancer treatment requires a holistic approach. That's why Walgreens partnered with the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation to launch a program to help cancer patients deal with the side effects of cancer ー on the inside and out.

"Across 3,000 of our locations, we have trained our beauty consultants and our pharmacists so they can care for our patients ... not only on the inside with medications, but then also on the outside with physical changes they may experience to help them feel more like themselves," said Rina Shah, vice president of pharmacy operations at Walgreens, told Cheddar.

Walgreens' "Feel More Like You" launched Monday combines free health and beauty consulting services to help cancer patients feel a little more normal.

More than 12,000 pharmacists were trained to help patients deal with treatment side effects ー like skin rash, fatigue, dry mouth, and mouth sores ーwhile more than 3,000 beauty consultants were trained to help patients deal with side more cosmetic side effects ー like hair loss, dry skin, discoloration, and changes to nails and cuticles.

The program kicked off as an experiment across a few hundred stores nationwide, but Shah said the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive that Walgreens decided to accelerate the launch.

"The training we provided included empathy training, but it also included clinical training for our beauty consultants as well as for the pharmacists. We received incredible feedback from our patients, from our customers, even from loved ones, caregivers, saying that this actually provided a lot of emotional support," Shah said. "That led us to accelerate our plans on expanding from 400 locations to now providing a nationwide service."

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