The competition between Walmart and Amazon appears to be heating up. Walmart beat revenue expectations, but fell short of estimates for profit in the holiday quarter and reported a slowdown in online sales. Greg Alvo, CEO of OrderGroove and Chris Versace, Chief Investment Officer at Tematica Research join The Long and The Short to discuss the future of America's largest retailer.

Alvo reminds us that Walmart is growing its omnichannel approach. Just because e-commerce sales slowed down doesn't mean its overall business is slowing down. Versace says online demand exceeded expectations this year and Walmart is trying to navigate this new trend. He also says the pullback in e-commerce investments could be a long-term play for Walmart as it fights to compete with Amazon.

Plus, how will Walmart expand its offerings to be equal to Amazon? Versace says continuing to focus on selling fresh foods and finding partners that will continue to help expand products on are key. He also suggests that Walmart thinks about expanding its private label brands and bumping up quality to compete with Amazon.