Was 2017 Weed's Best Year Ever?

By many accounts, 2017 may be the marijuana industry's best year ever. Cannabis Culture's Jodie Emery joins Cheddar to review the many strides made across the legalization movement. From big profits to bipartisan support, it was a year to remember for all things weed.

Emery walks us through the changing demographics behind the road to legalization. Also, 2017 marked the first year Republicans showed a slight majority in their support for legalized marijuana. Plus, from Canada to Uruguay, legalization efforts are underway around the entire world.

Finally, we look ahead to California's legalization of recreational cannabis use on January 1st, 2018. Emery reveals whether she thinks the state is ready to roll out its new policy. She says it could ignite the debate over designating public spaces for legal outdoor marijuana consumption.

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