Jack Hunter, editor of Rare Politics, discusses the Senate Budget Committee's recent passing of tax reform, sending the bill to the Senate floor. The GOP hopes to hold a vote on the policy by the end of the week. Hunter weighs in on the Senate bill's including a repeal of the individual mandate, adding that what it ultimately comes down to is, "Do Americans think people should be forced to buy something?" And can the bill be ready and on the President's desk for signing by Christmas? Hunter also discusses what passing a major piece of legislation means for the Trump agenda heading into the 2018 mid-term elections. Can Congress retain its Republican majority without passing tax reform? We also discuss Trump's tweets Wednesday morning that cover everything from NBC and the firing of Matt Lauer to increased sanctions on North Korea. We also speak about Trump's continued feud with "Chuck and Nancy," which escalated Tuesday when budget negotiations kicked into full gear ahead of a December 8th government shutdown deadline.