Water Soluble CBD Promises Effects in 30 Seconds

April 8, 2019

By Spencer Feingold

Customers used to waiting upwards of 30 minutes to feel the effects of CBD products may experience relief in less than a minute after consuming products engineered with the cannabis compound by Ojai Energetics, the company's CEO and founder said.

Ojai Energetics uses cutting-edge technology that encapsulates CBD in bubbles of water, which allows the compound to be absorbed almost instantly when consumed orally.

“The bio-availability is much higher,” Will Kleidon, the company's CEO and founder, told Cheddar in an interview Monday. “You can get a lot more usage for much less.”

The increased bio-available also makes the product far more efficient, Kleidon said. Ojai Energetics found that 90 percent of traditional CBD oil consumed is destroyed by liver enzymes and stomach acids.

“If you eat 20 milligrams, your body could only use two milligrams,” Kleidon explained.

Instead, Ojai Energetics’ CBD, which is sold as an elixir, bypasses the digestive system and is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream.

The water soluble nature of the CBD also stimulates cannabinoid receptors on the tongue, allowing users to dose the product by taste.

“You can pinpoint a perfect dose using the flavor change, which is unique to our technology,” Kleidon said. Users are advised to put small drops of the elixir under their tongue until the bitter taste becomes sweet and honey-like.

Ojai Energetics products, which also include CBD infused coconut oil and a therapeutic sports gel, are especially popular with athletes, Kleidon said.

“Athletes of all people are undergoing more oxidative stress,” he said. CBD helps “buffer oxidation and maintain balance.”

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