Diet Coke’s decision to launch a slate of new flavors had some critics wondering if the company was heading for another “New Coke” disaster.

But one executive says Coca-Cola has learned from past mistakes.

“We’ve learned that when you have a great thing, you don’t mess with it,” Rafael Acevedo, the company’s North America group director, told Cheddar, pointing out that, unlike with the 1985 marketing fiasco, the classic Diet Coke isn’t going anywhere.

What is changing is the packaging -- the company introduced slimmer cans -- and the flavor options. Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange, and Twisted Mango were added to the line up.

“We’re targeting spice seekers, and we want to target those people who are trying to look for bolder flavors and new experiences,” Acevedo said. “We saw that the sleek can actually connects with the new target as well, it makes the brand feel more premium and more modern. So all the research that we have is telling us that consumers absolutely love it.”

And Diet Coke certainly did its research. The company spent over two years working on this project and talked to about 10,000 consumers to figure out what would work.

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