Superhero fans have long fantasized about technology making humans stronger. Now robot maker German Bionic is making this dream a reality with its Cray X Exoskeleton. 
The company said the exoskeleton, which looks a little like a backpack with leg braces, allows wearers to lift an extra 66 pounds per lift and walk longer without getting exhausted. 
Cheddar Reporter Michelle Castillo tried the exoskeleton herself at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) earlier this month and said that it felt like someone was holding her up when she bent down to lift a weight. 
The idea is that it allows manual laborers to work smarter, not harder. 
Another wearable technology featured at CES was, which is designed to help visually impaired or blind people to detect obstacles in front of them before they become a hazard. 
The product uses built-in 3D cameras to see obstacles ahead of the user and then send audio warnings through connected headphones or Bluetooth earphones.  Just like a parking assist on a car, the device will beep when the user gets too close to something. 
Future models are set to integrate a GPS system, so users can tell exactly where they are without any additional devices.