Weight Watchers is on a tear after Oprah Winfrey's now iconic Golden Globes speech. YourTango's Rebecca Stokes joins Cheddar to break down how the media mogul and DJ Khaled are helping propel the dieting company have a very good month. .She says the musician turned Snapchat star's social media following is a major boost to the 54-year-old brand.

Next, we follow some of the Time's Up storylines continuing after the Golden Globes. Sexual misconduct allegations against James Franco resurfaced during the actor's acceptance speech at the ceremony. Stokes runs through the multiple accusations against the star and where she thinks the story is headed next.

Woody Allen is also facing a firestorm of criticism after his daughter, Dylan Farrow, voiced concerns that the Time's Up movement does not apply to him. Stokes explains what she thinks the director's future holds, and whether Hollywood will take action against his upcoming films. Director Greta Gerwig revealed Wednesday she will not work with Allen on any upcoming projects.