Disney reportedly has been in talks to buy most of 21st Century Fox, including its movie studio and networks like FX and National Geographic. Sean Aune, editor-in-chief of Techno Buffalo, joined Cheddar to explain what each company would get out of the deal.

Aune says Disney is interested in Fox's TV production to leverage its new streaming platform, due out next year. Disney will not gain control over Fox network or its affiliates, nor would it touch sports. And while Aune considers that running on news and sports is a risky deal, Fox can take on the challenge.

In addition, a potential deal can give Disney control over Fox's Marvel properties, including rights to Star Wars, which would be huge win for the company.

So if this deal does go through, what would it mean for streaming services like Netflix? Aune believes that by the time the Disney streaming service is available, Netflix will be mostly original content, a sector the company has been heavily investing in.