What Actually Constitutes a Healthy Relationship?

March 12, 2018
Updated 7mo ago

Playing a so-called sugar baby on the SXSW film "The New Romantic" made actress Jessica Barden second guess what defines a healthy relationship.

“Lots of things in regular relationships do mirror parts of transactional relationships,” the actress told Cheddar in an interview. “There’s usually always going to be one person who’s providing more.”

The movie, which premiered at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Tex., follows Barden’s Blake, an aspiring journalist whose love column gets cancelled. In hopes of redemption, she takes on a relationship with an older man and chronicles her experience.

In taking on the role, Barden learned that while power dynamics exist in all types of relationships, society tends to cast judgement on the ones where there’s a significant age difference.

“Even if you’re not a sugar baby, there will at least be one person that has an opinion,” she said.

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