What have you been sharing this week on social media? Storyful curates the most popular viral videos on the internet. Head of Video Toby Bochan shows us this week's clips, from emotional moments to explosives gone wrong.

First, we see the touching video of a creative nurse who help keep her young patient from crying while he gets his shots. For his bravery, he gets awarded $5 which he plans to spend on "something."

Then we see a New Year's Eve gone horribly wrong. A witness captured dramatic video of fireworks exploding inside a car in Houston, Texas. The explosions reportedly started when someone threw a firework inside the car, setting off the other fireworks. No one was injured.

Then we see two incredible ice skating videos, one of a man who makes Toronto's frozen Inner Harbor his own personal skating rink. The other shows a family frolicking on unbelievably clear ice in Utah.