Your Cheddar hosts Kristen Scholer and Tim Stenovec discuss the top news of the day. A recent study is blowing the conception that millennials are bad at saving out of the water. Plus, how Jay-Z could help you understand personal finance.

Plus, ever listen to a Jay-Z song and wonder if there is a deeper meaning? Personal Finance Expert Ash "Cash" Exantus started to realize his lyrics were teaching personal finance lessons and wrote a book about it. "The Wake Up Call: Financial Inspiration Learned From 4:44" explores different lyrics and what listeners can learn about business, credit and investing from the most notable rapper in the world, Jay-Z.

And as a millennial, there are many things to think about, but one thing that should be on the top of your mind is life insurance. Clark Howard, Money Expert at joins Your Cheddar to discuss why it's so important to cover yourself at an early age.