President Trump's outline for the future of the defense budget will draw attention from the millions of military families waiting to see what the agenda means for them. Blue Star Families' Kathy Roth-Douquet joins Cheddar to reveal what she says military families are looking for from the president's first State of the Union address. She discusses why she thinks issues surrounding military families have become too politicized in today's climate.

Blue Star Families just released the results of its Military Family Lifestyle survey. She explains the top findings and breaks down the most important issues facing active service members and their loved ones. Coming in at the top of the list is the concern about spending too much time away from home.

The organization aims to help military families connect and integrate with their civilian neighbors. Roth-Douquet speaks to why this is so important to spouses moving multiple times a year. The CEO and co-founder has gone through nine moves and four deployments over the past 18 years.