The Blacklist: Series Finale - NBC/Peacock
Picked by Lawrence Banton
One of the most exciting, and yet fantastically ridiculous, shows is finally coming to an end. After 10 years of handing over the world's most dangerous criminals to the FBI in exchange for his own freedom, Raymond "Red" Reddington (played by James Spader) is issuing his final curtain call. And if you've never tuned into the show, there's plenty for you to binge watch: ten seasons, about 20 episodes each. It's a rollercoaster to say the least.
Luann & Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake - Peacock
Picked by Keara O’Driscoll
Real Housewives of New York City alumnae Luann de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan return to Bravo in this new Simple Life-esque series. The stars head west to check out life in beautiful Benton, Ill. Don’t know where that is? You are not alone. The former countess and former wife to a JPMorgan heir are tasked with jobs to help rebuild the town after it took a significant financial hit during the Covid-19 pandemic. "Money can't buy you class," but perhaps both can help this charming small town get back on its feet.
Ten Year Old Tom - Max
Picked by Senior Editor Dina Ross
Season two of this animated series hit Max last month and escaped my attention until one of the reps shot us an email to suggest it. (Ed. note: Sign up for our daily newsletter! We read your emails!) We can't watch everything we're pitched, but I'm glad I put this on my to-do list. If you appreciated my Daria throwback pick a few months ago, you will be very happy to have Ten Year Old Tom on your radar, too. It's droll and laugh-out-loud funny. Come for the witty dialogue and stay for the sight gags. Every time you'll be cheering for Tom who is just trying to make it through grade school with a sliver of dignity intact.
Extraction 2 - Netflix
Picked by Reporter Alex Vuocolo
Action-heads know that the first Extraction, starring Chris Hemsworth as gun-for-hire Tyler Rake, has some of the best action sequences this side of the John Wick or Mission Impossible series. Now the sequel has delivered the goods once again with some of the most exhilarating, original, and, yes, violent action filmmaking in recent memory. Admittedly, this one is not what you'd call a thinker, but if you like brawny, old-school action films, it should hit the spot.
Podcast Pick
Picked by Newsletter Writer Graison Dangor
Tony Shalhoub reading 31 minutes' worth of this 1888 book is the single most effective sleep story I've ever listened to. His voice, like the cool side of a pillow, pairs perfectly with a topic made even drier with writing so convoluted that you couldn't follow a sentence from beginning to end if you tried. I've listened to this episode several times in the last week, and the only things I remember hearing are the words Phoenician and Pythagorean. It's that good. 
If you're not up for another subscription, there are at least a couple people who read the book on YouTube. But if you're a fan of sleep stories, Audible's Sleep Collection does have more good stuff, including Brian Cox of Succession reading about Scottish mythology and Keke Palmer narrating The Ojibwe Dreamcatcher.