It's Kim Cattrall's world, we're just livin' in it. But checking in with 'The PJs' and Tig Notaro are also on our weekend bucket list.
And Just Like That: Season 2 - Max
Picked by Growth Associate Keara O’Driscoll
And just like that, it's back! The Sex and the City spinoff is back for a second season, despite receiving wildly mixed reviews of its first season. The trailer reveals the return of Carrie’s SATC-era ex-boyfriend Aidan Shaw and checks up on some new characters that we met in the show's first season. However, what really has fans excited is the news that Kim Cattrall will be reprising her role as Samantha Jones for a quick cameo at the end of the season! Last season left fans with a glimpse of hope when Carrie and Samantha exchanged texts showing that the door was not fully shut for Cattrall’s return. Despite the historic feud between the actresses IRL, it's safe to say she must have received quite the payday that Samantha Jones would have been proud of herself.
Glamorous - Netflix
Picked by Senior Editor Dina Ross
Speaking of Kim Cattrall…this week I started watching her new Netflix sitcom Glamorous. Cattrall stars as Madolyn Addison, a former supermodel who hit it big with her cosmetic empire. A chance encounter with her changes everything for Marco (played by Miss Benny), a makeup-obsessed wannabe social media star whose day job is selling Madolyn's products. The two learn to work together to turn things around for both of them. This series gives off some updated Ugly Betty vibes: a lovable lead, villainous coworkers, and so much over-the-top fashion.
Throwback Pick
The PJs - Hulu
Picked by Producer Lawrence Banton
So I am new to Hulu after years of being on the fence about subscribing to another streaming service (thanks to Netflix changes that I do not support) and the service has no far not disappointed. I came across a classic animated series called The PJs. It originally aired on FOX in 1999 but had a short run: it was canceled in 2001 after being marred with controversy about its portrayal of the inner city Black experience. Whether it was the relatability of the show or its star-studded cast featuring Eddie Murphy, Larry Wilmore, Loretta Devine and Steve Tompkins as its staples, I was reminded just how funny this show was. It's perfect for some Saturday morning nostalgia. 
Podcast Pick
Don't Ask Tig - Podcast Providers
Picked by Newsletter Writer Graison Dangor
For tradition or just for fun, some people buy snacks for long drives that they don't eat at home. I'm like that but with podcasts, and one of my favorites for the few long drives I take each year is Tig Notaro's tongue-in-cheek advice podcast. Her irreverence and mellow voice, and her rapport with celebrity guests (most recently James Marsden), make for funny but low-key episodes that are easy to listen to back-to-back as the miles go by.