Wondering what to watch this weekend? This week we watch real-life spiritualism that has gone too far, fictional witchcraft that has gone too far, and two Christmas classics to bring our happiness back. 
Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God - Max
Picked by Senior Editor Dina Ross
How does a Texas woman become an international spiritual guru/cult leader? This three-part docuseries follows the story of Amy Carlson, aka Mother God, and her rise to fame. Mother God began sending positive messages to the world via websites and chats in the early 2000s. Those attracted to her world outlook eventually moved to be closer and became part of a group eventually known as Love Has Won, but as their leader grew and changed, so did the vibe of the group. Online videos were a key component of the organization, so the filmmakers were able to use real footage from the events, along with extensive interviews from followers, to tell this tale. 
The Changeling - Apple TV
Picked by Lawrence Banton
I came up on an Apple TV free trial and who am I to turn down an offer? With that, I jumped right into The Changeling. LaKeith Stanfield stars in this series as Apollo. Newly married and a first-time dad, his life's dreams of being great father and husband seemed to be coming to fruition until something ominous comes between the couple. At the center of it all, desperation for a perfect life leads Apollo's wife Emma, played by Clark Backo, to seek the help of a witch. The theme of being careful what you wish for is laced all throughout the plot and leaning on witchcraft proves to be fatal for some.
Throwback Picks
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - Max
Picked by Newsletter Writer Graison Dangor
I feel no great urge to finally watch It's a Wonderful Life or Miracle On 34th Street, for I have already seen the best Christmas film of all time. (Many times.) Chevy Chase's portrayal of the strained suburban dad should alone warrant Christmas Vacation's inclusion in the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress. That's to say nothing of Randy Quaid as the uncouth Cousin Eddie or Rusty Griswold, Clark's level-headed son, played with amazing straight-man energy by a teenage Johnny Galecki.
The Year Without a Santa Claus - Philo
Picked by Keara O’Driscoll
Some of my favorite memories around this time of the year include watching classic Christmas TV movies with my family. I especially enjoyed the stop-motion features such as this classic. I’ve also had the Miser Brothers songs stuck in my head since November 1.