Wondering what to watch this holiday weekend? This week we have face-offs in the Royal Family and on the Gridiron. Plus: Two of our favorite Chucks.
NFL Black Friday Football - Amazon Prime
Picked by Senior Editor Dina Ross
Amazon Prime is in year two of airing Thursday Night Football, but this year it is also offering the first Black Friday NFL game the day after Thanksgiving. Federal law prevents the pro league from airing games on Friday nights after 6 p.m. and Saturdays so that high school and college football don't get overshadowed. Since many people will be off of work on Friday, the league decided to schedule an extra day of play with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins facing off at 3:00 p.m. ET. You don't need a Prime account to watch, but you will need to sign into the Amazon app.
The Crown Season 6 Part 1 - Netflix
Picked by Keara O’Driscoll
It's here. Part One of the final season of ‘The Crown’ is available for streaming. I watched it in two days. I couldn't get enough. The show does a very tasteful job of portraying Princess Diana’s final days in this emotional finale. The second part of the final season will air in December.
Chucky - Peacock
Picked by Lawrence Banton
Usually, I am on-theme with the time of year when it comes to my weekly What to Watch suggestions but I'm in a bit of a Halloween season hangover. This modern spin on the killer doll has been pretty interesting, to say the least. He's still terrorizing people in Hackensack, NJ (the show is so not in Hackensack by the way) but he's recruiting this time around. Instead of driving Andy crazy, Jake is the focus of Season 1 and with some coaxing, he starts to have an open ear for Chucky's sinister plans to kill. I suppose one of the things I like most about the revival of the Good Guys doll is that it is released episodically across several seasons so there is something to look forward to.
Throwback Pick
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - Apple TV+ Picked by Newsletter Writer Graison Dangor
If it's not already part of your Thanksgiving traditions, it's worth watching the special — celebrating its 50th anniversary — at least every few years. As a kid, I remember feeling for Charlie Brown as he tried to use the few culinary skills he had to appease Peppermint Patty. Today Chuck could tell her that toast, jelly beans and popcorn is Thanksgiving "girl dinner."