What's worth watching this weekend? Well, Cheddar recommends the Kat Dennings vehicle "Dollface," Will Arnett and guests in "Murderville," Bryan Cranston as "Your Honor," and Adrien Brody's horror in "Chapelwaite."

Dollface: Season 2 - Hulu

Picked by Sr. News Editor Dina Ross
I'm ready for Season 2 of Dollface, Hulu's original dramedy about a young woman named Jules (played by Kat Dennings) trying to figure out who she is and how to connect with female friends after a toxic relationship ends. Thoughtful but flawed protagonist: check. Quirky but deep friend squad: check. Cat lady: check! The show probably isn't for everyone, but if you're into girl power and you want a show that makes you laugh and cry, you can catch up with Season 1, which is still streaming on Hulu, and get ready for the second season, which launches Friday.

Murderville - Netflix

Picked by Digital Editor Mike Nam
If you ever feel the need to take in an improv show and are willing to sacrifice the fun of audience participation and the potential for live screwups, then Murderville might serve you well. Will Arnett plays hammy, over-the-top homicide detective Terry Seattle who's paired with a new celebrity partner each episode. The catch is that the partners are just playing themselves and have to improvise against Arnett and the rest of the scripted cast to solve some ridiculous murder mysteries. Like a lot of improv shows, the jokes can be, uh, hit or miss, but the ride is definitely worth it to see oddball guests like former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch and Sharon Stone, alongside comic stalwarts like Conan O'Brien and Kumail Nanjiani, try their best (and fail) to not break into laughter.

Your Honor: Season 1 - Showtime

Picked by Producer Lawrence Banton
It was originally slated to be a limited series on Showtime but after pleas from fans and the massive success of that inaugural season, the network greenlit the follow-up season of Your Honor. Bryan Cranston plays dedicated judge, Michael Desiato, who garnered a reputation for being able to sniff out liars in his court by simply assessing their body language and demeanor — but it was those same skills that moved him to cover up a murder committed by his own son. The series is a rollercoaster ride of emotion, and the game of cat and mouse between Desiato and the mob boss father of the murder victim leaves you on the edge of your seat. Showtime has yet to reveal the Season 2 premiere date, but it is rumored to drop sometime this year.

Chapelwaite - EPIX

Picked by Reporter Alex Vuocolo
Don't let the funky title turn you off. Chapelwaite, starring Adrien Brody, is one of the best horror TV series out there. While Squid Games became an international sensation last year, horror-heads were raving about this understated vampire story based in the universe of Stephen King's Salem's Lot. Brody is excellent as a former whaler who returns to his ancestral home in Maine only to find that his family was harboring a dark secret that will wreak havoc on his new life. The show delivers some pretty shocking turns, so I'll leave it at that. But trust me, this is prestige horror television at its best.