Harley Quinn: A Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special - HBO Max
Picked by Digital Editor Mike Nam
Start your Valentine's Day celebrations today with the return of the madcap antics of Gotham City's favorite criminal couple, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, with this sure to be a vulgar holiday special. The clown queen of crime, Harley, feels she has to make a production out of the big day, while Ivy is feeling more low-key about the whole thing. Of course, hilarity will ensue, alongside the shenanigans of a plethora of DC comic book universe characters cavorting with their loved ones.
Dogs In the Wild - Nature (PBS) 
Selected by Newsletter Writer Graison Dangor
We tend to think of large cats like cheetahs, tigers, and lions as the ultimate predators, but as this new PBS miniseries shows, it's actually canids who are "the most successful carnivores on the planet." The three-part series, which aired its first episode on Wednesday, promises to show how a family that contains both the gray wolf and the 2-pound, 8-inch-tall fennec fox have made a home of every continent except Antarctica. Watch and gain a new appreciation for the efficiency with which your Shih Tzu shreds their new toy.
Harlem: S2 - Amazon Prime Video
Picked by Reporter Lawrence Banton
Meagan Good and the girls are back for season two and it starts off as messy as the last season ended. A group of girlfriends who reside in Harlem explore various relationships, balancing work and life outside of it, and everything in between. Last season ended with Good's character reconnecting with her ex-fiance the night before his wedding and the second picks up with his current fiance catching them in the act. Now, we're seeing the fallout and again, it's still entertaining. 
Throwback Pick
Dr. No - HBO Max
Picked by Senior News Editor Dina Ross
I've seen many of the more modern James Bond movies (hellooo Daniel Craig!), but I am not as well-versed in the earlier works. So last weekend I took a trip back in time to 1963, when Sean Connery was young and nobody yet ordered their martinis shaken, not stirred. I understand how Bond became a cinema staple — he wasn't just suave, but the film moves along with twists and turns that surprised even this viewer. Of course, one other thing this film reminds us is that diversity in casting has certainly come a long way, with actor choices in Dr. No that can make some modern viewers uncomfortable.