This weekend, Cheddar recommends sitting down with the birth of Showtime in Los Angeles, a dating horror story, a Cold War tale that seems awfully contemporary, and the rom-com classic that taught us all about what water can do to a fresh perm.

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

Picked by Digital Editor Mike Nam
Before Steph, Lebron, Kobe, and Michael, there were Magic and Larry. The 1980s saw the rebirth of the moribund National Basketball Association and, not coincidentally, the return to glory for the Los Angeles Lakers and its rivalry with the Boston Celtics. At the center of "Showtime" versus "Celtic Pride" were a host of sociopolitical, cultural, and racial divisions the entire country was undergoing, and the creators of The Big Short and Don't Look Up fashioned a fictionalized, fourth-wall-breaking limited series in Winning Time to give you the perspectives of Ervin "Magic" Johnson, team owner Jerry Buss, and the other major figures when sexiness and entertainment were married to the game of professional basketball, making the sport what it is today.

Fresh - Hulu 

Picked by Reporter Alex Vuocolo
Hulu has been churning out original horror flicks for the past few years, but very few have distinguished themselves amid the wash of new streaming content. Director Mimi Cave’s Fresh is one such exception. This is pulpy shock-horror at its finest, so the less said the better. But let’s just say it's a tale of modern dating gone horribly, horribly wrong. The two leads, Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones have real chemistry, which they carry forward into the film’s utterly disturbing second half. The squeamish should turn back now, but horror-heads should get a kick out of this tale of a meet-cute-turned-cat-and-mouse chase. 

Without Remorse - Amazon Prime Video

Picked by Producer Lawrence Banton
With Amazon announcing the acquisition of MGM in an $8.5 billion deal, I figured I'd show some love to Prime's original content. Without Remorse, starring Michael B. Jordan, is an action-packed thriller, based on a Tom Clancy novel, that follows an elite Navy SEAL seeking revenge for the murder of his wife. Amid the search for those responsible, the protagonist John Kelly discovers a plot that could tip the scales in favor of an all-out war between the United States and Russia. Kelly becomes tasked with two major responsibilities: avenge his wife's death and get to the bottom of the conspiracy — which might be homegrown, leading to increased tension between the two countries. If you're into action and a good whodunnit flick, I think you'll be pleased.

Legally Blonde - Roku Channel, Tubi, and Pluto

Picked by Sr. News Editor Dina Ross
While I try to get through a bunch of series that have been recommended by colleagues (hello, The Gilded Age, Ozark, and Insecure!) maybe it's time for something a little longer. As Amazon snaps up MGM, perhaps I'll add something from its archive to my viewing list for the weekend, like, say, Legally Blonde. Who knew it would turn out to be a classic — one of the top-grossing films in MGM history, according to The Numbers. Reese Witherspoon has made a lot of films over her career, but this one, arguably, launched her into movie stardom, playing a rich sorority girl who decides to go to Harvard Law in order to hang onto her beloved beau. It's silly, quirky, and very, very light, but following an Ozark marathon (see above), it may provide a much-needed break.
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