It's a good time to be in the American whiskey business. Volume is up almost seven percent with revenues totaling over $3 billion. Angel's Envy's Wes Henderson joins us to explain what's behind whiskey's surging popularity. As for why American bourbon is outpacing its foreign counterparts, Henderson says people are appreciative of the product's uniquely American qualities and story. Henderson tells us all about his company's bourbon. Though it's a new player in the space, the family business finishes its bourbon in port wine barrels, giving it a unique flavor compared to other American whiskeys. Henderson coaxed his father, a member of the Bourbon hall of fame, out of retirement to start the company with him and his two oldest sons. Then, we take part in a live whiskey tasting. Henderson pours us some glasses of bourbon that's been aged four to six years. He tells us about the demographic shifts fueling bourbon's surge in popularity. While the drink used to be favored by older men, it's now catching on with both younger people and women.