Longtime E! host Catt Sadler announced she is leaving the network after learning her male co-host was making double her salary. Brande Victorian, Managing Editor at MadameNoire, explains why Sadler's decision is so important.

Victorian also discusses the latest accusations against Russell Simmons. Six women have come forward claiming the business mogul sexually assaulted them. Simmons says it's impossible because his intent was never negative. One of his accusers, Natashia Williams-Blach, says "being a yogi" isn't an excuse.

Issa Rae is also making headlines for her new deal with HBO. The creator and star of "Insecure" inked a deal for two new shows, one which is stirring up controversy. The show in question is going to focus on the dating life of a bisexual black man, which has received backlash for allegedly showing black men in a negatively light. Victorian says Rae isn't bothered at all by the criticism.