On Tuesday, the Biden administration, in partnership with Walgreens, announced plans to bring COVID-19 treatment to the doorsteps of in-need Americans. It's part of a larger plan to keep the most vulnerable sectors of the population safe from infection of the virus. Caitlin Donovan, general manager of Uber Health, said the effort is to ensure that no community is left behind in the race to stop the spread of COVID-19.
"This partnership is yet another way in which Uber's technology can help Americans recover from the pandemic and make lifesaving healthcare more accessible," she said in a statement.
Last year, Uber and the White House linked up to give free rides to people seeking COVID-19 vaccinations as part of its 10 million Rides to Move Us Toward Recovery campaign. Uber and Walgreens also have an established relationship after partnering on the Vaccine Access Fund, which also included Paypal. The $12 million initiative addressed health inequities in underserved communities and organized rides to vaccination sites under this campaign as well.
"Walgreens has a long history of collaborating with community based organizations, faith based organizations and national civic groups to reach medically underserved and underrepresented communities with education, information and access to life-saving vaccines," Walgreens said in a statement.
Meanwhile, Doordash will not only make deliveries of the life-saving drug but is also donating $3 million in community credits, which are essentially gift cards, to expand outreach and encourage vaccination. The company is also donating 40,000 home COVID-19 tests to organizations in Chicago, Seattle, New York City, and Washington, DC. 
"DoorDash is proud to again respond to the White House's call to action and partner with Walgreens to expand access to life-saving COVID-19 treatments ahead of the winter months," Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, vice president of communication & policy at DoorDash, said in a statement.