Back in August, The Information broke the story that Amazon's studio head Roy Price had been accused of sexual harassment. Now, more than one month later Price has been suspended after actress Rose McGowan said he'd done nothing when she told him Harvey Weinstein had raped her. The Information's editor-in-chief Jessica Lessin doesn't understand why it took so long. She questions what's next for Amazon Studios as it tries to deal with this scandal and an increasingly competitive market. Lessin says Amazon Studios will need to bring in new blood now that Price is "on leave." Her sources tell her that his replacement will need to be a big name with film and TV experience, someone like the former head of Fox's entertainment unit, Peter Chernin, who can bring credibility to tech companies trying to make a name for themselves in the Hollywood game. She discusses a list of issues facing Amazon in the original content game, from Price's scandal to its dealings with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein, to an inability to produce a steady stream of blockbuster hits. While Netflix and Hulu have gotten a lot of critical acclaim with their recent hits, Lessin says Hollywood is actually starting to turn on Amazon, because creators are not getting the payoff they're looking for and feel like their content is being buried. Regarding Harvey Weinstein, Lessin says that while it's good that women are starting to feel they can come forward with accusations and be supported, it'll be hard to see real change in how women are treated in Hollywood (or at Fox News, or in Silicon Valley) until the power structure changes. She does believe that The Weinstein Company won't be around much longer.