Everyone has a crazy wedding story, and actor/writer Drew Droege is taking his to the next level. His critically-acclaimed solo show, "Bright Colors and Bold Patterns," returns Off-Broadway on November 12th. The show tells the story of a single man on the night before a wedding in Palm Springs. Droege joins Cheddar to tell us the hardest part about doing a one-man show, and how this hilarious idea came to be. Droege has some other exciting new projects in the works. He tells us about his involvement in the TV reboot of the 1980's cult classic, "Heathers." He tells us why now is the right time to bring back the Winona Ryder dark comedy. He's also set to appear in the newly-announced season two of Netflix's hit animated series "Big Mouth." Then, we talk to Droege about his experience playing Betty White's Rose in an all-drag live performance of "The Golden Girls." Naturally, we challenge Drew to a game of "Who Said It: Donald Trump or Rose from "The Golden Girls." Plus, Drew tells us what Golden Girl the president would be the most likely to date.