Net Neutrality regulations go by the wayside in 2018 unless Congress votes to block the FCC's decision to repeal the regulations. So who wins and who loses when the time comes?

Ryan Rabac, Manager of Digital Marketing at the American Sustainable Business Council, says start-ups stand to lose the most if and when net neutrality is repealed. The ASBC argues that the cost of entry for new businesses will be higher as digital companies pay to receive preferential speeds in the new internet normal.

Who wins? Rabac says that the only winners will be the large telecom companies who supported the repeal. Companies like Verizon and Comcast have more control over what they charge for spectrum use.

While major digital companies like Netflix could have to pay more since they use so much data, Rabac argues that they won't be as negatively impacted as start-ups because they have the money to afford it.