Sarah Lacy, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Pando Daily, discusses why she thinks Benchmark's lawsuit against Travis Kalanick is all about money and will settle outside of court, even though we all want to see a juicy courtroom showdown. She predicts that Benchmark knows something about Uber and Kalanick that the public doesn't, which is what led the VC firm to flip the switch and file a suit against the ousted CEO. Lacy explains how the biggest company in the private start-up space set the tone for what's acceptable within the industry, and that it unfortunately did a terrible job. Additionally, she calls all of Uber's problems ""self-inflicted"" and believes the only person to blame for its possible destruction is itself. Plus, Lacy questions why Google didn't fire former employee James Damore before his memo went public. She explains why we have a problem with Nazis in America, and says the most disturbing thing about Google's culture is that there are so many people inside the company that side with Damore.