PWC's Allison Stone joins us to break down the company's 2017 Holiday Retail Outlook. In a rare sign of good news for brick-and-mortar, Allison says 88% of consumers will shop in stores, compared to 84% who say they will shop online. Stone says consumers crave knowledgeable salespeople, shorter checkout lines, and the conveniences associated with in-store experiences. The report also found insights into the differences in spending habits between Gen Z and millennials. Stone says not all consumers under the age of 35 should be grouped together. She indicates Gen Z is more prone to spend on itself, while millennials are all about experiences. As for this year's holiday retail outlook vs. last year's, Stone says it's good news for business. Consumers will reportedly spend 6% more this holiday season, with 83% of shoppers saying they'll spend the same or more as in 2016. Plus, shopping continues to get smarter. Stone indicates retailers are expanding in-store payment opportunities by accommodating payment by smartphones and wearables. Specifically, she adds, 20% of consumers indicated they are planning to spend in store with a mobile device.