Why It's Hard to Get Those ZZZ's

December 11, 2017
9mo ago

Can you remember the last time you had a good night's sleep? Many people go weeks without sleeping through the entire night. Marina Khidekel, Senior Deputy Editor at Women's Health, joins Cheddar to talk about its latest sleep study in partnership with Thrive Global and the American Sleep Association.

Stress, cell phones, kids & pets could be some of the main reasons women aren't getting sleep. Women's Health says only 2% of women reported waking up rested. Khidekel talks about how the perception of sleep has changed over the past few years. People used to brag about how little sleep they got, now elites are spending $3,000 on "sleeping resorts" to hit the hay.

Plus, Khidekel suggests investing in a weighted blanket to help fall asleep. She explains how they help the brain pump out neurotransmitters, like a soothing hug!