Research shows that more millennials are leaving the city and moving out to the 'burbs! Amit Haller, Founder & CEO of Reali, joins Cheddar's "House Rules" segment, sponsored by Chase Home Lending. He explains that the suburbs are actually turning into mini-cities, giving millennials more dining, fitness, and entertainment options. Also, due to companies such as Uber and Lyft, millennials don't feel the need to own a car when they move outside the city. Millennials are still looking for that American Dream...and it may not be happening in cities due to overpopulation. They are being pushed out to the suburbs, but they're finding inventory is even better out there than in the city. Plus, how is technology impacting the local economy of the suburbs? Haller says young adults are looking for more tech-savvy houses and using their mobile phones instead of enlisting the help of a real estate agent. He says they are also looking for houses with an open design. They don't want a formal living or dining room.