By Brittany Terrell

With successful stand-up specials by Adam Sandler, Chris Rock and others, Netflix has proved itself to be a premiere platform for some of the biggest comedians in the world.

The streaming service attracts the funniest people, said the comedian Rob Schneider, the star of "Real Rob," because Netflix executives basically ignore them.

"They're so busy they can't be hands on," said Schneider in an interview Wednesday with Cheddar. "Seriously, what they really do is they find the best talent and they say we like what you do so keep doing it."

Schneider also said that Netflix's format ー there are no commercials ー gives him a broader canvas to be creative.

"They don't have as many restrictions because they don't require advertisers so it's not a necessity for them," he said. "What is a necessity for them is to keep cranking out material. So it's basically like a locomotion of content."

The show, which has two seasons on Netflix, is loosely based on Schneider's life, and his wife Patricia is a writer and co-star on the show. He compares it with a classic married-couple sitcom.

"The second season of 'Real Rob' is really a choice between work, fame, diminishing fame, and my wife becoming more being the breadwinner in a family than me and how you handle that," said Schneider. "It's like a reverse 'I Love Lucy.' My wife plays basically Ricky Riccardo and I'm Lucy."

"I'm prouder of this than anything I've ever done," he said.

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