Today, 90 percent of professional gamers are using customizable controllers to compete in the Esports space. This type of controller is manufactured by Scuf Gaming, which has 37 patents on features that elevate the gaming experience. Duncan Ironmonger, CEO of the company, says he likes to think of Scuf Gaming as an early adopter of the growth around Esports. Ironmonger says he has helped gamers improve their skills by enabling them to use more of their hands with Scuf Gaming's controllers. Some professional gamers are shelling out thousands of dollars to find a device that fits their needs and skill set, says Ironmonger. This holiday shopping season, Scuf Gaming is also partnering with brands such as Porsche, and gaming celebrity Ali-A, to create special themed controllers. Ironmonger says this industry relies on the holiday season, because many top game titles such as "Call of Duty" release in October and November.