Adobe just appointed Behance co-founder and Cheddar Board Member Scott Belsky as its new Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President. The serial entrepreneur says he's following his passion as he takes his talents to Adobe Creative Cloud.

“I’m excited to jump into teams that I know very well, and I’m excited to work with them,” Belsky told Cheddar.

This is not Belsky’s first time on board with Adobe. Belsky previously joined the team in 2012 as Adobe’s Vice President of Products, after Adobe acquired Behance. Now, he joins the board to lead the Creative Cloud business on the product development side, overseeing the company’s Adobe Design team. His focus will be on innovation in Adobe’s key design, photography, and video segments.

As an investor, he advised and helped companies such as Pinterest and Uber hit the ground running. At Adobe, Belsky hopes to bring start-ups closer to the company. He noted that, these days, many start-ups are led by designers anyway.

“One of the things I hope to do is really to bring us even closer to the customer,” he said. “In this case, the customers that are actually starting companies and transforming industries.”