By Christian Smith

This Pride Month, Americans need to think about how the injustice at the U.S.-Mexico border isn't that different from the injustices committed against the transgender community, says Angelica Ross, a prominent transgender rights activist and one of the stars of the new FX series "Pose."

"As I watch and see immigrant families being torn apart, being put into cages no matter how you describe them, we need to see how there are multiple examples of where we as a country and as a global society have lost touch with our humanity," Ross said in an interview on Cheddar's Business of Pride special Wednesday. "There's a war that's waged on our humanity and we need to win this war at every intersection."

On the trans rights front, Ross said that progress is being made.

"I am constantly trying to remind myself to take a moment and stop and to applaud and to celebrate the small wins because winning this overall battle is an accumulation of small wins," Ross said.

One of those wins is "Pose," Ryan Murphy's new series on FX that dives into the world of the Harlem ballroom scene of the '80s. The series features the largest transgender cast ever ー five recurring characters are played by trans actors. Behind the scenes Ross says you will find trans people with a hand in everything from makeup to the writers' room.

Murphy's team worked closely with the LGBTQ community to put the show together.

"What's amazing is that the collaboration has been between the community and the show in a way that is not just, 'Here we're trying to do this show for your community,' but more, 'How can we tell this story together?'," Ross said.

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