The Rent the Runway co-founder Jenny Fleiss left that fashion-tech start-up last year to launch another company, Code Eight, a subsidiary of Walmart.

"I think there's so much exciting stuff happening in the world of Walmart right now," said Fleiss in an interview Tuesday on Cheddar. "The personalized shopping space I think is one of the next big trends that you will see, and it needs to happen in e-commerce."

Code Eight uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a highly personalized online shopping experience that will hopefully mimic the traditional relationship between customer and salesperson, optimized for a digital world. Fleiss said that Code Eight uses Walmart's data to build its own retail platform.

Walmart also announced a redesign of its own website on Tuesday. The new will aim to create a more personalized shopping experience like the one Fleiss described. The homepage will highlight top-selling items in stores near the customer. The new site is scheduled to be live in May.

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