"Cook Off!" is a new comedy about a fictional cooking competition, starring Melissa McCarthy and Nicey Nash. Here's the catch: it finished production ten years ago, and is just being released now. Cathryn Michon wrote, directed, and co-stars in the movie, and joins us to tell us why the movie took so long to come out. Michon says she's actually happy about the delay. She explains that the rise in popularity of both mockumentaries and cooking shows turned the hold-into a blessing. She also tells us what it's like to work with Melissa McCarthy. Michon says the actress' great working relationship with her husband and collaborator Ben Falcone is the most surprising thing she learned about the Emmy winner. Finally, we challenge Michon to a game of "Remember 2007?" The game celebrates the year the movie was shot, and puts the actress/writer/director to the test to see if she remembers the year's most popular movie, TV show, and song.