By Alisha Haridasani

Twitter's Kay Madati isn’t intimidated by Instagram’s new video product, IGTV.

“I'm not sure whether I look at it as us-against-them,” Twitter’s vice president and global head of content partnerships said in an interview with Cheddar’s Alyssa Julya Smith on Friday.

“It’s clear that we have creatives on our platform who work across our platform and other platforms as well. I see it less as a competitive offering. IGTV has its lane, Twitter has its lane.”

Twitter differentiates itself by focusing on live news events, said Madati. Last week, the company unveiled a redesign that would highlight that content at the top of timelines and even notify users about new content in a bid to establish itself as a go-to platform for major events.

“I fully believe that when things happen in the world, they happen first on Twitter,” said Madati.

Twitter forged new and renewed current partnerships with more than a dozen media institutions in April, including NBC News, CNBC, and Vice News to further bolster content offerings on its platform.

The social media company is also a week into its partnership with Fox Sports to provide exclusive coverage of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, a sporting event that has historically boosted Twitter’s metrics. The last tournament in 2014, for example, contributed $24 million to Twitter's revenue.

The last World Cup also set a record for the company In terms of engagement, said Madati.

“The Brazil-Germany semifinal game is still the largest moment of conversation, the biggest event ever on Twitter.”

“We are expecting the same kind of fandom and fervor and energy” at this World Cup, said Madati.

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