Why You Should Become An Expert in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics has become a powerhouse in recent years. The ultimate web tracking tool, it’s utilized by everyone from entrepreneurs to big businesses, providing users with the data they need to measure the effects of their web and marketing efforts. In fact, this report shows that Google Analytics is used by 84.2% of all the websites whose traffic was analyzed (representing 54.9% of all websites). 
Being skilled in Google Analytics can be a major draw to employers and can also help individuals build their businesses and determine just how well their marketing efforts are doing. But while the tools might be very powerful, the more the user understands the platform, the meaningful the data and the deeper the insights. As such, right now is a great time to learn the ins and outs, with the Google Analytics Master Class Bundle available for just $35
With over 3,891 enrolled students, this bundle is highly-rated for a reason. Through five expert-led courses, you’ll learn everything from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. A good place to start is the hands-on training course on Google Analytics for beginners. The 4.4-star-rated course covers the basics, such as how to load demo data from an online store as well as analyze audience, acquisition, and behavior reports. 
Once you start tinkering in Google Analytics, you’ll notice there’s quite a lot of data to comb through. Through this course pack, you’ll learn how to navigate through all this information and how to make smart business decisions using that data. Get a deep understanding of all the methods and techniques necessary to measure, monitor, and analyze your web traffic. Take your expertise a step further when you learn how to set up an Analytics Dashboard in Google Data Studio, unveiling key insights that can directly affect marketing and sales decisions. 
The bundle includes a 4.5-star-rated Google Analytics exam prep course. The course features practice questions and feedback on your wrong answers, so you’ll be ready to ace the exam and get this industry-recognized certification, not to mention grow your business or career. 
More than half of the world’s websites are running Google Analytics. Don’t get left behind. Get the Google Analytics Master Class Bundle for $34.99 (Reg. $995).
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