Lixin Cheng, CEO of ZTE, discusses the company's new "Axon M" foldable smartphone, which serves as both a tablet and a smartphone. Lixin says the device will disrupt the entire mobile experience. The CEO demos the phone live on air, showing off the dual technology that allows users to use both displays at the same time while using different applications. And what separates the "Axon M" from old school flip phones? Cheng notes that the biggest difference is the development of technology that allows the phone to have so many uses at once. Cheng also talks about the development of 5G, adding that ZTE is investing heavily in the technology. 5G, in combination with the "Axon M," Cheng notes, opens the door for the company to become a leader in the mobile phone space. Cheng notes that all of the major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are carrying ZTE phones. We discuss the possible merger of Sprint and T-Mobile and what it would mean if regulators approve the merger. Cheng adds that for ZTE, it means more phones could get in the hands of consumers. The "Axon M" is expected to hit stores before Thanksgiving.