Is Aziz Ansari’s career over? That’s the question some are asking since allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced against the Golden Globe winning-actor over the weekend.

Bonnie Fuller, editor-in-chief at Hollywood Life, doesn’t think so.

“I think he responded the only way that he could, by owning the situation, apologizing, reasserting his commitment to feminism,” she told Cheddar in an interview on Thursday. “I certainly hope that he’s learned a lot from this situation, about his relationships with women, and his expectations.”

Fuller’s comments come after website published a detailed account of an alleged sexual assault involving Ansari. The anonymous accuser, dubbed “Grace,” says that Ansari made several advances during a date last September and pressured her into performing sexual acts.

Ansari responded that he was “surprised and concerned” after he learned about Grace’s understanding of their experience. He says that, although they engaged in sexual activity, he thought the encounter was consensual.

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