By Tracey Cheek

After Ken Madson grew tired of swiping and scrambling to find a date to a Guns N' Roses show in Nashville, he didn't settle ー he made his own app instead.

Madson and his co-founder Lex Lipsitz developed WillCalled to connect single music-lovers. According to Madson, the app is a union of Tinder and ticket seller StubHub.

WillCalled aims to alleviate some first-date pressure. Users choose an event they are interested in attending ー like a sports game, a concert, or a comedy show ー and swipe through potential dates interested in the same event. Once there's a match, the pair can start a conversation and enter to win tickets to that event or buy tickets together for a first date.

As of now, WillCalled is only available in Nashville, Tenn., but the two co-founders said it will expand beyond Music City.

Madson said the free app may also eventually offer ticketing directly through the app.

Although Madson has plenty of competition in the dating space, he's optimistic about his app's future.

“There are plenty of players in the game,” he said. “There is a lot of dating real estate and ultimately relationship-based real estate to go around.”