The trick to beating the market may be to invest in the companies with the most entrepreneurial spirit. Joel Shulman, Managing Director of EntrepreneurShares, joined us to discuss the strategy behind his company's latest ETF, which invests in these forward-looking companies. If there is such a thing as the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, Shulman says he thinks he or she is already in the portfolio. Amazon is one of the companies that best embodies the entrepreneurial attributes. Shulman says Jeff Bezos is a model for the leadership the fund seeks. He highlights the fact Bezos has a significant amount of skin in the game and also keeps a very tight team with low turnover. Surprisingly, Apple doesn't make the cut. He says when Steve Jobs was there, it became a different company. And without Howard Schultz at Starbucks, Shulman says the coffee-maker doesn't meet the criteria either.