On Sunday, several hundred survivors and their supporters marched in Hollywood to draw attention to the growing number of sexual harassment charges that have been brought to light. It all started off with Harvey Weinstein, who has now had over 75 claims brought against him. Since then, dozens of Hollywood actors, execs, comedians, and gatekeepers have been accused. Emily Longeretta, TV Editor for US Weekly, joins Cheddar to break down all of the news. Longeretta explains that the Weinstein news and coverage gave women the power to come forward and tell their stories as well. Weinstein is currently under investigation in multiple states, however, Longeretta is not sure if any of the investigations will actually result in legal charges. One of the more recent stars to be accused is comedian, Louis C.K. After multiple women came forward and accused him of sexually inappropriate behavior, the star penned an admission. However, the letter did not include the phrase, "I'm sorry." Longeretta felt that the admission did not go far enough.