There's a new tearjerker earning rave reviews in Hollywood. "Wonder" tells the story of a young boy with facial differences caused by a genetic condition. Eleven-year-old Jacob Tremblay stars in the movie and joins us to discuss why he thinks the film might make the world a better place. He reveals what it was like working alongside Julia Roberts who plays his mom in the movie. He's got plenty of experience working with A-list talent after starring in "Room" with Brie Larson. Jacob looks back at his spotlight-stealing trip to the Oscars in 2016 and tells us what he hopes he'll get to do at next year's ceremony. Finally, in honor of Tremblay's new movie, we put him to the test in a game of "I Wonder Who Said It." Jacob tells us whether certain quotes can be attributed to Stevie Wonder or Wonder Woman. Then, we get this Star Wars fanatic's thoughts on the new sequel, and what part he'd most want to play in a Star Wars franchise movie.