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Project Management Professionals (PMP) are in high demand these days. Whether you already work in the field or are considering a career change, this role is worth diving deeper into. Specifically, becoming a PMP certified manager can boost your career. This industry-wide recognition will help you get a higher salary and arm you with the advanced insights to work at the top of your game.
Getting certified can be expensive, though, and the lofty price of $1990 might be enough to deter you from achieving a career-improving milestone. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get The 2021 Complete PMP Career Training Certification Bundle for only $35 right now. This well-priced course pack includes ten courses and runs the gamut from beginner lessons to guides for using industry standard software. 
Class is in session. Learn (or get a refresher) about key project management concepts, as well as basics like differentiating between a process, project, and program. You’ll also be empowered to take your organization to the next level of efficiency with expert knowledge in Lead Six Sigma (you'll also take away a certificate of completion to boost your repertoire). 
You’ll get an invaluable education in the most prominent software programs used by top project management teams. One 4.4-star course promises you can master your workflow with JIRA Agile cloud in just one hour. For more in that vein, take a 4.3-star course comparing the Agile versus traditional Waterfall methodologies, including insights on the popular framework, Scrum. 
Get a deep understanding of Smartsheet, with hands-on examples that get you using your new knowledge right away. Create sheets from scratch, explore the different views available, and improve your overall project management skill-set. And hey, with a dedicated course on PMP exam prep, you’ll be ready to ace that bad boy on your first attempt. 
In the age of online learning, you can do just about anything. Get The 2021 Complete PMP Career Training Certification Bundle for $34.99 (Reg. $1,990). 
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