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Looking for a new job opportunity? Odds are, you’ve spent hours upon hours pouring over your résumé, tormented over the right bullet points to include and the correct verbiage to use. You’ve likely also taken a stab (or 1000) at writing your cover letter, which can feel like a job in itself. Applying for work is a notoriously tough task, especially when you consider that a whopping 75% of résumés go unseen by employers. 
Don’t be part of this sad statistic. With Rezi Résumé Software: Pro Lifetime Subscription, you can get AI-powered help creating optimized and compelling write-ups of your work experience. The smart résumé generator guides you every step of the way, making for an efficient and way less expensive process than if you hired help. 
Here’s how it works. Rezi uses AI to extract keywords from job descriptions, then writes an optimized résumé for you based on those words. It creates Applicant Tracking Software (ATS)-friendly content in flexible formats suitable for every experience level. If you’re curious how your existing résumé shapes up, you can also get instant feedback using the Rezi Score feature. 
With this course bundle, you’ll unlock access to unlimited resumes and cover letters that you can download in both PDF and DOCX formats. You’ll also reap the benefits of user-favorite features, like managing multiple CVs for different industries and catching those attention-grabbing keywords you may have missed otherwise. 
Over 100,000 job seekers have trusted Rezi with their résumés, and some have been tapped for interviews by Airbnb, Google, Microsoft, and Spotify, to name a few. Rezi’s 2020 survey found users had a 26.9% interview success rate. 
Try Rezi today and start getting more interviews and job offers faster. Get the Rezi Résumé Software: Pro Lifetime Subscription for $29 (Reg. $540).
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