By Carlo Versano

Grammy-winning musician Wyclef Jean is throwing his name behind a marketing agency that hopes to fill the "cultural dead spots" in media by marrying culture, music and technology in a new speaker's series co-sponsored by Forbes magazine.

The former Fugees frontman and Marcus Damas, the founder and CEO of Fueled by Culture, spoke to Cheddar on Monday about how the agency is bridging the gap between culture and tech by pairing influencers ーlike the NBA's Tobias Harris and rapper 2 Chainz ー to brands like Pure Barre and Lyft, respectively.

Wyclef said he saw the promise of creative agencies like Fueled by Culture after seeing how disillusioned young consumers are institutions and politics.

"They don't believe in politics, but I'll tell you what they do believe in: culture and technology," he said.

"We're trying to penetrate a market that hasn't been tapped," Damas added.

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