Here at Cheddar we talk a lot about how millennials are saving up for experiences over products. Y Travel Blog's Co-Founder Caroline Makepeace started her blog along with her husband back in 2010. Makepeace share's her advice for travelers this winter season. Makepeace says knowing what you want to get out of a travel experience is key for a successful trip. The top five places to travel this winter are: Stowe, VT, Snowmass, CO, Clearwater Beach, FL, Yosemite National Park, and Lake Tahoe, according to the Y Travel Blog. The most costly mistakes Makepeace sees travelers make include: not being prepared, choosing the wrong way to access money overseas, not having travel insurance, and traveling in peak season. Makepeace says if you can't afford travel insurance, than you shouldn't really be traveling. She calls it a "small investment for a great piece of mind." Y Travel Blog's advice for people looking to travel on a budget include making it a work holiday, travelling like a local, using membership reward points, and trying road trips. If you are traveling with a group, Makepeace suggests looking into apartment rentals such as Airbnb or house-sitting.