Eyal Levy, CEO of furniture company Yogibo, discusses the company's partnership with KultureCity and the NBA to build rooms inside arenas for those coping with Autism and other sensory processing issues. Levy notes that the company did not start with the original intent of assisting people with disorders. It was not until Yogibo received feedback from parents about how beneficial the products were for children who suffered from these conditions that the company became aware of Yogibo's benefits. Levy talks about the natural partnership with non-profit KultureCity and how, before the NBA partnership, Yogibo was also making products for music festivals and even TEDx events. Yogibos are currently in hotels, cafes, restaurants, libraries, schools, dorms, and living rooms. Right now, Levy estimates that about 10% of the company's sales come from those dealing with various physical or mental disorders and that much of its business comes from other families. Levy adds that unlike competitors like Lovesac, it is the only product that completely conforms to the body. Prices for Yogibos range from $10 to $600. The fabric is water resistant which makes them prime for schools or libraries because they can be easily disinfected. Yogibo is expanding its product line too, expecting to launch of over 50 new products.